Help Us Help Our Heroes!

Help Us Help Our Heroes!

A Non Profit Organization Supporting Our Nations Wounded Veterans.

Louisiana Hunter for Heroes (LHH) is a newly formed non-profit organization, dedicated to assisting the wounded veterans of our great country’s military by introducing them to the joys of hunting and the great outdoors.

Our goal is to show them respect, honor, compassion, and, above all, love for our fellow-man through the fellowship and excitement hunters share on a hunt.  Through this our hope is to assist in their successful re-integration into civilian life.

With the help and support of others, we will do our best to contribute to their well-being, and provide them with the hunt of a lifetime.

LHH is the Louisiana Chapter of North American Hunters for Heroes.  We also have a Texas Chapter, and are working on Chapters in Florida, Oklahoma, and California.

“Help Us Help Our Country’s Heroes!”

If you’re in a position to help please JOIN us in supporting our Nations Wounded Veterans. You can do this by making a donation to Louisiana Hunters For Heroes.

12 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’ve been involved in hunting and fishing for more than 50 years and the hunts put on by this group are absolutely outstanding. Paying tribute to our wounded heroes is something that makes America great. Good job Donnie and all your volunteers! I challenge everybody who cares about our Heroes and our outdoors to find a way to get involved. Every little bit helps. God Bless You and God Bless America.
    Kinny Haddox, lakedarbonnelife.com

  2. A combat infantryman is a special breed of warrior, will sacrifice themselves to protect those sworn to defend, most times traveling at “high speed” within a combat zone these warriors react in split seconds and usually involve life or death decisions, but what happens to these warriors when they are wounded, they come from the battlefield into a medical environment their injuries more often than not are extreme, loss of body parts, stabbed, blown up, shot, their awareness of the incident usually consist of “one minute I was there, the next I’m in a hospital room”, wound vac’s, tubes, stiches, erector sets, Doctors, Nurses and a Purple Heart stuck to their hospital gown, they look at it and begin to understand, they are now WOUNDED WARRIORS.
    Most of us can only imagine what each of these Heroes have gone through on their road to recovery, the countless surgeries, the constant pain ( the average person can withstand a 5 on a scale of 1-10) these warriors exceed 13+ and then the “mind games” take over trying to make sense of what happened and what the future holds for them.
    The Infantryman is committed, lives by a code, is trained to always move forward, improvise, adapt & overcome all obstacles, even injuries, wounds & sometimes death of a comrade, although no longer in “combat” they are still engaged in battle & the mission must go on, this mission is the full recovery of these Heroes, mind, body & sprit and that’s where Hunters for Heroes has played such an important part.
    Sterling, Tim, Glynn, Dave, Jim, Donnie have done what was needed for these warriors, they gave them their lives back and made a difference in their future, if there was any doubt to this accomplishment, just look into the eyes of a wounded warrior where pain and emotions live 24/7, now there is a glimmer of happiness, no longer judged by their wounds but rather who they really are HEROES, you guys & the Hunters for Heroes organization made a difference in my son’s life and I will forever be grateful for that……..Thank You
    Rick Nusbaum, Sr.
    USMC father of
    Spc. Cody (Nitro) Nusbaum C Co. 2/87 3rd BCT 10th Mt. Div. OEF XI-XII RC South TF “Spartan”

  3. Rick, Thanks for being a part of our lives. I really enjoyed taking you and Cody on your first deer hunt last season. Being able to assist Cody and maybe make a difference has motivated me to want to try to help all our Heroes! Rick you will be greatly missed by our organization and your family. Rick passed away last week. Thanks to Rick and Cody for changing our lives!

  4. Hi I met you at the Boat Show in Lake Charles and wanted to touch bases with you. I am the president of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1098 in Lake Charles. I met the young man who was going to try nd start a chapter of Hunters for Heroes in this area. I just met a lady who is also interested in starting a chapter of Hero’s on the Water here in Lake Charles and thought it would be great to combine our efforts to get both chapter started. My VVA Chapter is looking for things to be involves with in our community and both of these projects look to be something we would like to help with. Please let me know what you think and put me in touch with the young man down here.

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